Breastfeeding outfits from Elin x Tricia

Elin is a clothing brand in the Philippines that makes stylish and comfortable dresses for pregnant and breastfeeding moms. The styles range from daily lounge and/or comfortable outfits, to dresses you can wear on special occasions. Recently Elin, in collaboration with creative director and a new mom Tricia Gosingtian, launched a collection of maternity and nursing styles using different kinds of woven and printed fabric. Tricia’s style exudes both functionality and femininity . She said that finding nursing-friendly outfits that matched her style while adjusting to her new post-partum body wasn’t easy. So when given an opportunity to collaborate and design for Elin, she took the chance to innovate and change the way nursing and maternity dresses look, drawing from her own personal motherhood and breastfeeding experience and challenges.

I personally tried the dresses and they were indeed innovative and super stylish. The access to the breasts were fast and inconspicuous, and the fabrics used were comfortable, durable, and top quality. The outfits were carefully designed to suit moms’ needs, comfort, and convenience, without compromising the style while nursing. They’re also chic and classic and will for sure not go out of style. I can see myself wearing the dresses even after I am done breastfeeding. Congratulations guys for taking maternity and nursing styles to a different level!

I”m wearing size L. I am 5’6″, 135 lbs. Has inverted triangle body type.

Please check out their website Elin for more Nursing and maternity outfits. They ship worldwide.

follow them on IG @elin_ph


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Em says:

    Which would you say is your fave? The Milagros looks most flattering but the April and Teresa dresses are so dreamy!


    1. PreshPuno says:

      I really like Nelly and Milagros 😀


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