LILLEbaby SERENITY Baby Carrier Review

When we moved back to the Philippines in 2019, Rowan was not yet born, and all of the baby things we had accumulated were left behind in St. Louis. So when Rowan came along, one of the essentials that I needed was a baby carrier. I planned on getting something I could use starting at infant, for as long as he needed it and the LILLEbaby Serenity All Seasons Luxury Carrier was a good match for our requirements. Here are my thoughts and experiences, after using the product for the last few months.

It was thoughtfully made, with good materials. There is good padding, which keeps it comfortable, but still cool enough that I’m not worried about Rowan overheating. The lumbar cushion supports the lower back, and I have been fine during long wears with the baby. All in all, I’ve been quite comfortable and happy, and so has Rowan. There are different carrying positions, and settings for different baby stages, and I’ve tried several as Rowan has grown. I have included videos of three of the positions below so you can see the LILLEbaby Serenity All Seasons Luxury Carrier in more detail.

Box contents:

  • Baby Carrier
  • Carrier Tote
  • Hood cover
  • Lumbar support
  • Instruction booklet


Multiple carry positions that actually work and very comfortable.

Weight limit is 45lbs, so we can even use with our 5-year-old when needed.

All-season design features, so during summer you can roll down the temperature control panel to reveal the breathable mesh.

Shoulder straps are thickly padded for comfort.


Instruction manual is pretty confusing. There are pictures but not much detail in the written instructions.

You have to really take time to familiarize yourself with the carrier; because of all the different settings and positions, you need to ensure you’re wearing the baby properly.

Lumbar support can get in the way, when strapping on.

Carrying positions:

Forward-facing and Inward-facing position

These two positions are the classic carrying styles. With the cushioned shoulder straps and the lumbar support, carrying the baby is very easy during strolls outside.

Hip carry postion (left)

This is actually my favorite carry position of the Serenity. When my two daughters were little, I had the habit of carrying them on my hip, but without a carrier. This would put pressure on my hip and misaligned my back often, which necessitated many trips to the chiropractor back then. But now, with the Serenity carrier distributing the weight more evenly, my favorite carrying positions is doable without hurting myself.

Back carry position

Definitely the position I use the least at this stage, but still it’s nice to have. Until the baby is bigger, I need my husbands help to make it easier to get him in properly. But once he is strapped in and positioned properly, I am carrying him quite comfortably, and he seems fine this way too. I can see myself or my husband using this position more when the world is safe to travel again, as we can have both arms more free to carry other stuff. It works with my 5-year old Lily, too!

Final Verdict:

So I absolutely like this carrier, even more the old ones I had used with the girls, and would definitely recommend it to family and friends! Just the many carrying options keeps it really useful with Rowan and I know I can get a lot of mileage out of it. It’s stayed comfortable, even as Rowan has gotten bigger, so I can strap him and go for a pleasant stroll, or simply keep my hands free, while doing what a busy mom has got to do throughout the day. Here is the link where can purchase your own LILLEbaby Serenity All Seasons Luxury Carrier!


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