About me

My name is Precious. I am a Filipino, currently living with my loving husband and 2 beautiful girls in St. Louis, Missouri.  I love to cook and I love food. I love trying different foods and cooking it at home, because nothing beats a home cooked meal! I learned by watching my dad cook when I was a kid. As a child, I would sneak out to the yard, with a pan and ladle and pretend to cook with leaves, rocks, and water. Now that I can do the real thing, I start with a basic recipe for something, and make it my own way. Some people get excited to read new books and attend book club meetings. I get excited reading cookbooks and attending cooking classes. I try to eat healthy, but it doesn’t hurt to have an occasional cheat day, with pork belly (!) or fried chicken.

I’m inspired by Ina Garten – she is my hero. Her recipes never fail, and all are delicious. She didn’t start as a Chef or a cook – she spent years working as a White House budget analyst.  One day, she just followed her heart and made cooking her life. I dream that if I ever meet her I’d just hug her tight, she’s awesome.

Like her, my previous career was totally unrelated to cooking – I was into acting/modeling. Since getting married and having children, I’ve poured all of my focus into my family. A big part of how I can express my love for them is through the food I make. When my families tummies are happy, it makes me happy too. I like to make kid friendly recipes so my kids try different things to widen their taste palettes. Preshlymade started as a hashtag on Instagram, that I used every time I posted something I cooked.  I am finally putting my passion for cooking and crafts into this blog!